V&H Fuel FuelPak Pro Wideband Tuning Kit

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Installs in-line between FP3 and Motorcycle to add wideband tuning capabillities on the dyno. Includes 18mm wideband sensors. Requires exhaust systems with 18mm O2 ports. The Fuelpak Pro Wideband Tuning Kit is an optional tool, with dealers & shops in mind. When the Tuning Kit is connected to an FP3 a whole new set of features are unlocked in the FP3 app software. The Wideband Tuning Kit allows wideband tuning for any FuelPak FP3 owner with the wideband sensors that are included with the kit. The tuning map is written, with laptop or computer, on a dyno. Then the map is uploaded to the Vance & Hines website. The uploaded map can be downloaded and saved into any FP3. The FP3 require wideband sensors for tuning only, for riding the stock narrow band sensors are sufficient. Full AutoTune mapping sessions on the street can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Kit includes two 18mm wideband sensors so will only fit exhausts with 18mm O2 ports. Modifications may be needed. Note: An FP3 Fuelpak Pro needs to be ordered separately. Once the FP3 is used on a bike it is 'mated' to that specific OEM ECU. You will not be able to use the same FP3 on another bike.

Fits: > 07-20 H-D with FP3 Fuelpak

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